Annual Physical

An annual physical, also known as an annual physical exam, is a yearly visit to your doctor to ensure that your overall health is in good condition and that you do not have any medical problems you are unaware of. While most healthy adults are not required to have an annual physical, those with a complicated medical history or who simply want to feel confident in their health can benefit from this type of exam and avoid future health problems.

Why are Annual Physicals so Important?

Have an annoying health question that doesn’t require an appointment? Your physical exam is an excellent opportunity to ask your doctor any questions that have been bothering you.

It’s a chance to come in and discuss any issues that are bothering you.

Physical exams allow you to check in on your overall health and can also help you establish a relationship with your primary care provider. And this comes in handy when something goes wrong.

What Happens During a Physical Examination?

Vital signs

A health doctor will check your Cholesterol, weigh you, take your blood pressure, measure you, and check your Heart rate with Respiration rate – sometimes multiple times, only to be sure.

What is Next?

Your doctor may advise you on healthy living as it relates to any problems you’re having. And your post-visit summary (which is typically available in both print and online) will summaries what you discussed during the visit, including:

Your doctor will keep track of everything you discuss and record it so that they can get a complete picture of your health — not just now, but in the future. That means that whatever you discuss at this appointment may come up again at the next one.

Annual Physical Exams in StatMD Medical Center & Urgent Care

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